その後、見た目も美しくなるように、飾りの実などを添えて出来上がります 。  

Katell Potpourri are made just like in the Old Times: choosing the finest botanicals, carefully blending them, infusing them with our Original Fragrances & curing the ingredients allowing scent to marry for at least 6 months...  Each of our blends is enhanced with additional Decorative Blossoms to add a wonderful visual touch.


  Katell Quality
  All of Katell Potpourri are original creations made with carefully selected natural ingredients.




  About Katell Potpourri  
  Katell Autumn/Winter ポプリコレクションはシナモン、バニラ、クローブ、ジュニパー、パイン、シダーなどホリデーシーズンにマッチした香りが特徴です。  

All of Katell Potpourri and Refresher Oils are original creations. 

  We use only natural ingredients and scent enhancers to maintain a long-lasting fragrance.  The mixing, packaging and wrapping of all Katell potpourri products is done entirely by hand.
  Katell Potpourri combine different aromas and textures to match the mood of the seasons and enhance the living environment.
  Katell Autumn/Winter Potpourri Collection features many of the scents associated with the Holiday Season: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cloves, Juniper, Pine, Cedar and various others.
  Simple, elegant, each one of Katell Original Seasonal potpourri lets you add a touch of sophistication to your surroundings, lending a sense of occasion to simple life events.